Left Lane Drivers

It is Friday and let’s have some fun today. Quite frankly, Left Lane Drivers are a pain in the you know what and are the cause of most slow traffic, which means the reduce the nation’s productivity.

What is YOUR biggest obstacle to YOUR Success?

If you ever identified, explained and eliminated the biggest obstacle to your success, by definition you would be more successful.  The problem is, most people either treat the symptoms and / or ignore the real obstacles. In this video, you will learn what is truly...

What Is The Most Powerful Force In Your Life?

If you knew the most powerful force in your life, could you then use it to make yourself more powerful?  In this video, i make the case that you could. Give this video a watch as I make the case that if you identified the most powerful force, you could then use it to...

What is more costly to you?

Click the title to watch a video that asks you to consider, what is more costly to you, your future and your success; What you don’t know or What you don’t do? Now, tell us what you think.