What is your most expensive security breach?

We all know that you must maintain and prevent security breaches to your home, to your person, to your data and to your children.  As a society we spend billions on those types of security to prevent those types of breaches.  Yes, this is time and money well spent!

Today, I would like you to consider the possibility that the most neglected and yet most costly form of security breach is your personal insecurities.  Every day your life is limited by your insecurities and throughout your life nothing will limit you more than the things you are insecure about. 

Every day Personal Insecurities cost millions of:

  1. Sales professionals and business owners millions in lost sales due to the inability to make contacts, make calls and to ask for value they provide
  2. Couples love, passion, intimacy and joy due to their inability to believe they are lovable and to be loving
  3. People their time and energy due to their inability to say “NO” to unreasonable and selfish requests
  4. Teenage girls and women or all ages their purity and virtue due to her need to feel loved
  5. Great, profitable and problem-solving Ideas which are lost due to an insecure person’s belief that no one will take them or their idea seriously

Your fears, doubts and self-imposed limitations are the most expensive security you will ever experience.  It dramatically reduces your performance, which reduces your results, which reduces your life!

I help the people I serve create sustained Enhanced Performance by directly solving their insecurity issues.  You care about every other form of security, is it time you invest to eliminate your insecurity?

If you realize just how expensive your insecurities are, let’s talk and identify, understand and eliminate them.