Is this week another RESTART for you?


When you went to bed last night or a recent night, did you swear to yourself that this week you will do all the things you should have been doing, but weren’t?

Seriously, how many times have you done this and how many more times will you do this?

Restarting means your performance needs significant enhancement because you were unable, unwilling or scared to do the work that will create the results and life you want.

Here’s the problem, a restart means you are not moving forward and creating the success you want.  Instead you just keep restarting; which is the definition of “FAILING IN PLACE!”

Restarting provides a potentially false sense of hope that you will do better and your results will get better.  But, the reality is, until you deal with the reasons you are not already doing the work, you will soon restart again.

If you were building a house and you had to restart it, you would know how expensive it is.

Why is this Restart to create the income, body, relationships and/or life you want going to be different?

You haven’t been doing the work you were supposed to do, so this week you create hope by Restarting by claiming and swearing that you will do the work this week.

Here’s my question, what did you do to make yourself better equipped to do the work or to solve the problem(s) that makes this restart necessary?

Eliminating Restarts is how I help the people I serve enhance their performance.

If we are not already working together, let me help you eliminate restarts so you build the income, body, relationships and life you want! 

If we are working together and you recently restated, let’s talk so you never have to restart again.

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