Or Are YOU in the dungeon of doom?

The biggest reason so many are not living the life they want Is because their desire is at a level 8 but their commitment is at a level 3.

If it were that easy everyone would have what they wanted.

Here are some general and widely known examples of what I mean, please don’t take it personally if one of them describes you, just consider it your wake up call: 

  • Most business owners want an 8-figure income but are only willing to do the work of a 5-figure income
  • Most want a level 8 healthy, fit & sexy body but want to exercise and eat at a level 3
  • Most men want to have level 8 sex with his wife 3 or 4 times a week but only wants to connect with her through conversation, quality time and taking on out for a date as little as possible (ladies you are nodding yes but wait until you read the next bullet)
  • Many women want their man to look at her the way he used to, but you stopped working on looking good for him years ago (now I am hated equally by men and women, but the question in both cases is, am I wrong)
  • Everyone wants to retire with an 8-figure retirement, but very few want to live on the level 8 budget required to create it

This email will NOT help me win all the popularity contest I keep entering, but if you want a better income, career or business, bank account, body, sex life, car, house, etc., this email was sent specifically to you.

Getting what you desire in life requires you pay a price or what I am defining as your commitment.  Getting what you desire can only occur when your level of commitment rises to match the level of your desires.

If it doesn’t, you are a merely a dreamer, you are probably lying to yourself about what you really want and you are likely burdening or blaming others because of that gap.

This level of plain talk and transparency is how I help my client’s desire match their commitments or as I call it their willingness to do the fucking work to get what they truly desire. 

If increased performance, results and a better life is what you want, we should talk so you can see how my science, system of accountability and way of life can help you create the balanced and successful life you want to live.



         MARK A. DULANEY