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Where Mark Dulaney will help you get Better Sales and Income Results by getting you to convert Strangers Into Profitable Clients Better and Faster Than Your Competition can and will ever do it!

I believe it is important you understand that I am not an advisor, coach, consultant or trainer who simply provides information and leaves it up to you to figure out how to implement it.

Also, I don’t generate generic leads and hope you can get them to buy from you.

Instead, I want to be directly involved in every aspect of your client acquisition and fulfillment.

To do this, I and my team will help you in four ways:

  • First, I help you build your very own “Client Factory” that systematically converts Strangers into Clients. A “Client Factory” is a system of rules, actions, words, questions and pricing strategies that allows the right strangers to know how and why they should become clients with the highest possible financial value in the quickest, simplest, easiest, and least expensive manner.
  • Secondly, I help you build a “Presence” on-line, in-person and in the minds of the right strangers. Creating a “Presence” goes beyond the strangers knowing you exist, it is the strangers knowing why you are uniquely qualified to help them solve a problem or obtain a desire.
  • Thirdly, instead of generating generic leads, I find the right candidates for your service. The right candidate is a person who has previously searched for your product or service, chooses to give you permission to contact them and is given exclusively to you.
  • Finally, I teach you how to and support you at every step as you convert those candidates into scheduled appointments and those scheduled appointments into closed sales. We also measure, evaluate and make improvements to your performance and results to help you get better and better and better at every step of your sales, marketing and fulfillment process.

I do this because I know that the only thing that matters is consistent performance.  Most people in our industry provide motivation, great strategies and helpful advice.  I also know you have a lot of desire for better results. 

Here is the problem; motivation, advice, strategies and desire have never generated a single result.  It is a fact; you must perform to get results and perform consistently to get consistently great results!

Thus, the biggest and most helpful thing I can do for you is to get you to consistently perform the high-level choices, actions and words that your “Client Factory” demands.

Yes, you can hire a lead generation company, marketing consultant or sales trainer to handle specific elements of selling and marketing.  You can also have a great speaker make you and your team feel unstoppable for 3 days. 

Today, I am asking to show you what a complete sales and marketing solution and direct support at every step of selling can have on your performance and results.

Have a sense of urgency to convert more of the right strangers into profitable clients?

If yes, simply use the scheduler below to schedule a short call or video chat to see if we are the right fit to help you convert the right Strangers into Profitable Clients and do it better and faster than your competition. 

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