Week 01 Day 03

Mental Exercise


Taking an honest, truthful and factual look at me!

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  1. gregory bouie

    I’ve noticed in this past two weeks what passion is and what i’m passionate about. I discovered that I’ve been a ruling defense attorney in more ways than I care to look at.My time lately throughout this pandemic has been focusing on really being a better parent to myself.

    Im focusing on being more creative than creating a fear that my defense attorney would justify. I trust that i’ve been given the wherewithal to be and show the defense attorney that the parent in me in these time is the better choice. I see my mistakes and I’m pushing through to get to better results so that i could see some success.

    Mark, our discussion the other day pushed aside some scales over my eyes that now i catch myself quicker at when i see the defense attorney show up. i dont fully know his tactics, however i do see the workings of better self care and better ways to push pass this doubt and fear I’ve been under for some time… thanks

  2. Mark (as student) Dulaney

    Originally, i had to come to grips with the fact that I have a great parent that forces to be creative and productive when it comes to building shit like this and when it comes to my “Body!”

    But, I also have one of the greatest defense attorneys in the history of mankind when it comes to selling and marketing what I built. Thus my focus had become crushing that defense attorney and growing my sales and marketing parent.

    Then I updated my answers to reflect my motives and behaviors for the Corona Pandemic. It was ugly as I kind of slipped into a survive and enjoy motive with a powerful defense attorney who excused all sorts of bad eating and very little exercise.


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