Hello My name is Mark Dulaney and I want to introduce you to a REAL, Somewhat RAW and RELEVANT heart to heart membership to help you with your response to this Covid-19  Virus, the Pandemic and most importantly the economic condition it has left us in.

This will not be one of the many motivational or everything is going to be alright if you just stay positive experiences.  I literally and figuratively want you to understand where you stand and the fucking work you must do to make this pandemic work for YOU!

The Solution to Make the Transition Happen?

The World's "Strangest" Membership Program?

Today, I offer you a solution I have never offered before.  A low-cost solution that will provide everything you need to identify and correct all the things that have been exposed by this unique time in our history.

Before I tell you the offer, I must sell you that I do not do three things.

I do not do:

  1. I will try (Either you will or you will not)
  2. Maybe (it is either yes or no)
  3. FREE (either it has value or it does not)

I live in a world where I provide value

and I Simply Collect

Commitments from those who want value!

That means today, I do not have a miraculous FREE offer you.  That also means I will not lie to you and offer to help you for free, only to follow with an immediate expensive sales pitch.

But I do have a very inexpensive way for you use and test my services to see if they are a fit to help you.  I created something called “The Stranger Way” membership program for a time such as this.

It is called “Stranger” because what I am proposing and hoping you will accept is “Strange” to the masses who would rather hope in the government or blame someone or something else for their problems.

“The Stranger Way” membership consists of:

  • A science the enhances personal and team performance
  • A system of accountability that measures performance
  • A community of people who are FUELED by their fears, so you are not alone
  • The biggest pain in the ass, crazy mother fucker that will NEVER accept your bull shit excuses for why you did not do your fucking work TODAY!

As you can see, I am not for the faint of heart and that is why I don't do free trials.

I would rather have 10 committed members than 100 people trying with the hope this is a miracle that will instantly solve their problems, or they can and will quit..

I am also not for those who are more offended by bad language than they are by their weak ass performance, pathetic results and mediocre life and lifestyle.

Once upon a time you had a dream and a desire to be GREAT, I want to bring that version of you back to life, nurture it and watch it grow and create the balanced and successful life you always wanted!

I want to help you turn what will be a catastrophic event for the masses into a very special time for you.

To make that happen, I will do and say any and everything to get you out of your normal, comfortable and mediocre choices, actions and words and into the choices, actions and words that get you what you truly want.

If you know this is what you seek or need, then simply accept that:

  • You have been frozen by your fears
  • Your weaknesses have been exposed by this economic pandemic
  • You are now enlightened by what has been exposed
  • The fears that once had you frozen, eating, sleeping and TV watching can become the fuel that compels bold and consistent action that will get you creating something special
  • That “The Stranger Way” membership program was created to provide a science, a community, a way of life and the biggest pain in the ass to help you end this pandemic better than you entered it
  • You can become a member of “The Stranger Way” for only $15.88 per week and you can cancel anytime, even after 1 week.

If you accept these as facts and join us, you will get access to:

Defining Moments” a (mostly) live daily broadcast that helps you make the right decision during the defining moments in your life. Defining moments happen all the time and good decisions move your life in the right direction and bad choices burn your life to the ground.  Defining moments will broadcast as follows:

  • On Mondays- the focus is on you as a person to provide a strategy to make you mentally and emotionally stronger. Then for the rest of the week we apply that principle to the rest of your life as follows:
  • On Tuesdays- we apply the principle and strategy to creating the physical body with the health, energy, size, shape and sexiness that you want and are willing to work out and eat right to build
  • On Wednesdays- We apply the principle and strategy to your heart and key relationships with a focus on your marriage or becoming and finding the right person to marry and your relationship with your children
  • On Thursdays- We apply the principle and strategy to your ability to provide more value and make more money. This includes sales, marketing, business and your career as an employee
  • On Fridays- We apply the principle and strategy to your future as defined by eliminating debt and liabilities, growing net worth and building a legacy that will live longer than you will
  • On weekends- you get to create your plan to personalize, implement and execute what you learned
  • Each broadcast is between 18 and 28 minutes in length
  • Show will be broadcasted at different times between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. eastern so that all schedules can catch some of the shows live.
  • Specific show times will be published the previous week
  • All shows are recorded and available for viewing within minutes after the broadcast

The Accountability App that will measure your daily performance so you will know why you get results and why you do not.

The  bi-weekly “Stranger Way Chat” and virtual gathering where we discuss what is going on in the membership and the things on the minds of the members

Discounts on workshops, Stranger Movie Productions and (should we ever open again to) live social and networking events

You get it all for $15.88 per week

If you love it, you can choose one of these longer term and lower priced options:

  • $48.88 per month
  • $120.88 per quarter
  • $388.88 for a full year

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